This fellow. He’s new around here, still puff-headed in his youth. He’s stolen sandwiches from the kids, dismembered unfortunate carrion in our front yard, and watches the kids with a beady eye whenever he thinks they might have food. Mimi responds by drawling, yelling, and screaming at him in turn. Caw! Shoo! Perfidious.


Strange Fruit

Mimi knows we can throw little leftover bits into the plants- strawberry tops, watermelon seeds, that kind of thing.

She thoughtfully broke up her bean burger and distributed gifts around the yard. Plant food for everyone!


Strawberries for Lunch

Strawberry season has arrived in our little patch of dirt. Juicy!


Do You Teach Kids With Your Voice Or Your Hands?

I came across this article in one of my favorite online magazines, Rhythm of the Home. It matches exactly with how I feel young kids should be handled.

Too often busy kids are labeled as naughty or hard to handle- they need a different kind of handling! I love that the author states that when kids are treated like they are happy and helpful, they act happy and helpful. That has absolutely been my experience with children, even older kids. When I tell my girls what to do, and tell them they’re acting wrong, and tell them to stop it, and tell and tell and tell, they just behave worse every time I open my mouth. They feel bossed around, they feel inadequate, they feel discouraged and squashed.

If I take their borderline behavior in stride and turn it into something productive? Now they are in control of themselves. If I want their behavior to change, I need to physically go to them and help them change what their body is doing. Move the toddler away from what he shouldn’t be near. Show the preschooler how to put away the silverware, sit with the gradeschooler and focus on her school work with her.

Waldorf tradition tells that young kids are completely in their physical bodies- they don’t think with reason or logic, they just act. Isn’t that so true? I try and teach logic, yes. My toddler shouldn’t pull all the books off the shelf. My preschooler shouldn’t leave her markers where her little brother can reach them. I say these things, WHILE PHYSICALLY MOVING THE CHILD.

The best days are when my hands are more tired than my voice at the end of the day.



Tomato and Basil Planting

Today the tomatoes, basil, and tomatillos went into the garden. These tomatoes are Stupice, Ace, Gold Nugget, and Siletz. I fit 14 basil starts, in clumps of 2 & 3, around the edge of the box- basil and tomatoes are good companions for each other! This spot gets plenty of sunshine, so I hope to get good crops this year. The plants will be a bit squashed when they get bigger, but tomatoes like to grow that way. It’s still a bit cool for tomatoes- night are in the high 40’s and low 50’s, and tomatoes like nights over 55. But, they were getting big, and I am impatient!