Parenting with Love and Logic Chapter One

Parenting: Joy or Nightmare?

The chapter begins with a set of parents, kneeling in puddles, begging and bribing a three-year-old to get in the car so they can go home.  Then, a mother sits in a seat at an airport yelling demands at her young son to “come back here!”  Next, a story of a mother whose boys are dividing and conquering the grocery store one aisle at a time, while she sprints between the two trying to control the damage.

“Are we having fun yet?”  We start out with precious dreams of grins and giggles, and it devolves into some Lord of the Flies nightmare.  According to the authors.  They want to give us tools to “put the fun back in parenting” by establishing guidelines and giving us solid parenting tools.

Our goal is to raise responsible kids.  When we parent with love and logic, parents win because “they love in a healthy way and establish control over their kids without resorting to anger and treats that encourage rebellious teenage behavior.”  Kids win because they “learn responsibility and the logic of life by solving their own problems.”

We are working through Foster Cline and Jim Fay’s book, Parenting with Love and Logic.

Parenting with Love and Logic Work-Through Starts Next Week

Starting next week, I will continue my book review series with Parenting with Love and Logic, by Foster Cline and Jim Fay.  I’m hoping to get some discussions going in the comments- if you’d like to work along with us, grab a copy and we’ll start on Monday!

If you haven’t seen me do this before, I read through the book and make a “Clif Notes” style synopsis.  I’ll share that here, along with my own thoughts.

(The e-book was free a few days ago, but I think that has expired now- by the time I found out, the deal was just about over!)



Vacation Burnout: Why I’m Getting Back to the Grind

I think my body is trying to tell me something.  I come from really healthy stock.  Very, very healthy.  I maybe get a cold or two every year, but currently:

  • Fungal infection on my hands
  • Fungal infection on my toes
  • Four cavities
  • Muscle tension kept my jaw shut for two weeks after getting those cavities filled
  • Twisted ankle
  • Acne
  • Depression (but that’s nothing new, in its season)
  • Hay fever

Here’s what I’m doing about it:

  • Tea tree oil for all those infections (feet, hands, and face)
  • Naproxyn and heat for muscle tension
  • Hiring a mother’s helper once a week so I can focus on my garden (aka my therapy)
  • Starting up school again

That last thing…yes.  I really am.  My kids have been bickering and crazy ever since school ended in early June, and that’s when my health problems started- we need the schedule.  Even if we get next to nothing done, they don’t notice that part: They just know that we have a schedule again, and that makes me a happy mom!  If we start school in early July, then we have 8+ weeks of vacation time during the school year and will still finish in June.  We like to do school just four days a week, so that slows us down too (and gives us an easy pace.)  Today we spent the morning clearing out old workbooks, unpacking the new supplies, taking down old art projects, and making supply lists (I really, really need a bookshelf in the school room.)  Ernie got her first math lesson done- I’ll work with her on the reading and writing lessons this afternoon.  It’s good to be back.


So we’ll start school, life will get back to normal, we’ll spend as much time as we can with family and nature, and we’ll remember to take as much time as we want to enjoy this life we’ve chosen!

(Photos were taken during a recent family reunion in Logan Canyon, Utah.)