First Beans

Harvested two pounds of bush beans today- I always plant a tri-color mix of purple, green, and yellow. The greens are my favorite because they stay sweet even when they’re big. The purples get kind of bland, and the yellows are over-ripe and tough pretty fast.

Next year I’m going to plant only green, even though the yield will be smaller (I always get mostly purple, they seem to make more per bush!)

Half these beans will be dinner tonight, the other half is in the fridge pickling. I used the spicy pickled green beans recipe from the latest Everyday Food. I adore that little magazine- it’s the only magazine I save every copy.

Oh yes. And another zucchini. I have never ever managed to grow zucchini, so I’m rather proud of myself!



5 Responses

  1. I got my first zucchini this year, too!! It must be a good year for beginners. 🙂

    ~Aunt LoLo

    On Aug 16, 2012,

  2. I did some green beans using the same brine as for the green tomatoes. They were yummy! I am another person who struggles to grow zucchini. We must be the only two on the planet! Mine is actually producing this year though. I’m getting about a zucchini a day.

    • Oh yummo! I loved that brine (try it with cauliflower, WOW.) My family wasn’t so big on it, though- thought I’d try something different.

      A zucchini a day…you lucky duck!

  3. Beautiful beans!

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