Fresh Apple Juice

Fresh apple juice, from the juicer. Just dump the apples in a sink of water, halve (or quarter) them so they’ll fit in the chute, yank out the stems, and push them through the machine. I had to scrub and rinse the inner filter 3 times while working through half a small laundry basket (is that a bushel?).

My half a basket of apples yielded 2 quarts of spicy, brown, slightly tart juice. These apples were ugly- spotted, wrinkly, small, and possibly worm-marked inside. I’ve already worked through three baskets (of the prettier apples) for fresh eating and pots of apple sauce. We need no more apple sauce, even Cocoa is slowing down on apple consumption, and we haven’t worked through last year’s apple butter. So two quarts is a great result from half a basket of apples that had no other purpose. (I started this adventure with 8 baskets of neighborhood apples, and could not find any more friends willing to come and get some. A friend moved suddenly and had to leave her harvest behind, lamenting that she’d only had time to can 40 quarts of sauce from her trees. Did I mention that she was an 8-month-pregnant mom of two little boys? Super Woman!!!)

One half basket left to get through… And I will have a house full of hungry, thirsty people one evening this week. I think I know where those last apples will go!


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