Garden Update 4/12

April is my big planting month!

Seedlings, pricked to cups in the greenhouse tomatoes, tomatillos, kale, and basil.

Seeds sown in greenhouse: more basil, calendula, borage, and marigolds.

Seeds sown in the garden: peas, parsley, oregano, and chives.

I still have carrots for the garden, and more summer crops and flowers for the greenhouse. My mom has been awesome this year and lent me her greenhouse space, in exchange for tomato starts for her friends. Can do!! Her greenhouse is larger and warmer than mine, plants do awesome in there.

I hit a big flower sale at Freddy’s, and came home with 32 fuchsia starts, 12 petunia, and some other assorted fillers. I filled a bunch of flower pots this week, they do a lot to brighten the yard!

So far I have about 280 plants spoken for, not bad!

I was happy to find as asparagus spear in the garden- I started with 6 crowns, and only one survived the digging it took to install a new water main. I’m not going to harvest this year, but hope to harvest next year!

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