Planning Next Year’s Curriculum

Even though we purchase our curriculum as a package deal, and I’ve been doing formal school for two years now, AND I am swarmed by offers of help, next year is freaking me out. Third grade, it’s like we’re actually getting serious about this! Ernie turns 8 this month, so I sent in our declaration of intent this morning- I think I’m a month or two early, but I wanted to make sure it got done right away.

We’ll use Calvert curriculum again next year, which will cover all the bases. I’ll do lesson swaps with a friend next year-I’ll teach rhythm and percussion and note reading, and she’ll teach Spanish. Ernie will also have art lessons and appreciation in her curriculum and will be doing weekly piano lessons. So art and music is covered. Spanish will cover our language requirements. History and health I haven’t decided what we’ll do yet.

I want to sign both girls up for a PE class at the YMCA, but we’ve tried it once for three months last year and Ernie still looks like she’s going to puke at the thought. She really, really, really doesn’t like putting her head under water, and “bobs” are one of the skills the teachers ask the kids to do. I’ve spoken to all the teachers, looking for ideas to help her, and all of them said bobs weren’t that important, and they had no clue she didn’t like them. We’ll do it for a few months, and then see what we do after that.


2 Responses

  1. Wow. You’ve definitely got a full plate, but what a fun way to learn.

  2. It sounds crazy…but having a checklist is really helpful! This is our required list of subjects, per state law. It’s kind of vague, no? šŸ™‚

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