Children’s Garden


When last year’s Swiss chard came out of this box, it left the whole thing empty. I gave it to the girls for their own- they planted marigolds around the edge, and corn in the middle. Once the corn is six inches high, we’ll plant the beans and pumpkins to complete our three-sisters garden.

The leaves of the Swiss chard went to my sister’s chickens, the stalks went in our compost pile. I’m going to show the girls how to plant seeds in cups, so the rest of their garden can get a head start too.


2 Responses

  1. How fun for them to watch their plants grow! My kids are excited to finally see a few things popping up in our garden bed.

  2. So nice! – my girls love their little garden too, and thankfully our “PawPaw” is a gardening wiz who can teach them all they need to know. So wish we could have chickens here, but alas, not allowed. Fresh eggs are so so good.

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