Garden Wish List

Doesn’t everyone have a garden wish list? In (I think) order of wanting/importance (this is mostly so I can write this down and not forget!)

1) Bird Netting, to protect young plants from bunnies and my son. My 20 marigolds have been reduced to nineteen sticks and one marigold the bunnies somehow missed. My son also loves to dig holes. It’s a scary world out there.
2) Drip irrigation for garden beds
3) PVC framework around beds to hold bird netting and floating row cover, by season.
4) Hose Bib in the front garden area (because cutting into a water main isn’t SCARY, right?)
5) Something to contain my pile of hose in the backyard. The husband is thinking a box-type holder. I’m not a fan of the wind-up reels, so maybe a box we can just coil it in?
6) Some sort of trellis over the patio in the front- I have a thornless blackberry I want to trellis. I’m thinking a huge pot will solve the spreading issue, and the patio could use some shade. However, I’ve had it in the backyard about 5 years in a too-shady spot, and it hasn’t sent out a runner yet. Maybe it would be OK in the ground? It’s a triple crown thornless.


One Response

  1. My garden wish list includes something to keep the squirrels out of my plants. Grrrr.

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