What Is This?

This popped up in our yard last year, and I left it. The flowers are nice, but don’t smell nice. Leaves don’t smell nice either. I’ve found tiny new plants scattered a few places around the yard, too.

What is it? The plant makes a dense mound about 15″x15″. The flowers are about the size of my thumbnail.




7 Responses

  1. Haven’t a clue. Would love to know though.

  2. A kind of chamomile?

  3. It’s Feverfew…a few leaves every day good for migranes.

    • The pictures look just the same! Tanacetum parthenium….how do you prepare the leaves? Because I would dearly love to treat migraines on my own 🙂

      • You just eat 2 or 3 leaves every day. They don’t taste great so maybe in a salad or between bread or something like that.

  4. So a talented friend sent me a link to a photo of this SAME plant…and it’s the only photo I can find online of this plant. Only thing is, it’s German Chamomile, at a nursery in Mallorca. Weird. And other sources say that German Chamomile has ferny leaves, and it’s ROMAN chamomile that looks like parsley. But…I guess it’s edible? It smells so nasty, I didn’t think it was chamomile! Maybe it’s sweeter when it’s dried? matricaria chamomilla http://jardin-mundani.info/compositae/matricaria1.jpg

  5. Are you sure it’s not feverfew? I’ve been using it for migraine prevention. I dry it and put it in a tea with lavender, red clover and wood betony. Not too tasty but it beats having a migraine. Sometimes I add peppermint leaves to make it more palatable.

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