Gardening Resources

A list of things that have been super helpful in getting my gardens started:

Little House In the Suburb’s Spring Garden Guide If you haven’t been to Little House in the Suburb, go now.  They’re inspiring!  Plug your frost free date into this handy planner, and then count backwards and forwards to see when you start seeds, transplant, etc.  Amazingly handy thing.  They have one for herbs and for Fall gardens, too.  Tons of great gardening information there!

A good list of companions and no-nos for your garden, from ghorganics

Plant identification tool from the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, at the University of Washington

Le Jardin du Gourmet (website is not updated right now) sells small packets of seeds- handy when you want just a few of a plant.  Small packets are just 40 cents each, so you can afford to try a lot of new things!

Seeds of Change is a popular source for seeds- fun varieties, and all organic.

Ed Hume Seeds– this is what I plant most of the time.  They’re available at my local store, and the company specializes in varieties for short season/cold climate areas.  I’ve had really good, consistent results with this company.

This is my own planting schedule, by month.

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