Accidental Vegetarian

I’m not a vegetarian.  Really, I’m not.  We just…don’t eat meat all that often.

1)  It’s expensive!

2)  I’m really, really rotten at cooking big pieces of meat.  Honestly.

3)  For me, it’s complicated.  Purchase the meat- what kind?   What cut?  Package and freeze it (don’t want our roast frozen to a bloody diaper now, do we?)  Thaw the meat, season the meat, cook the meat, check for the right temperature, let it rest, try and find someone who knows how to cut it up… it’s just complicated.

4)  I can’t feel good about buying cheap meat- how was that animal treated to merit such an amazing price sticker?  Maybe if I visit a CAFO and see happy cows, I’ll change my mind.

5)  I just can’t feel good about buying meat from animals who have been grotesquely modified.  Have you seen the size of the Costco frozen chicken breasts?  Yeeminy Christmas, those poor birds probably couldn’t even stand up by the time they reached slaughter weight.  (You know about turkeys, right?  The big ones we buy for Thanksgiving?  Those poor birds have been bred so fat they can’t walk.  They have to be artificially inseminated. Poor things.)

This decision alone saves our family hundreds in grocery bills.  We currently spend $180-$300 a month to feed 2 adults and two small children.  Among my friends with similar demographics, they spend $400-$800 a month on groceries.