Find Humane Groceries Where You Live

You can use WSPA’s search engine to look for humane egg, dairy and meat products at your local grocery stores.  Trader Joe’s ranks highest for meat in my area- I need to go check their prices and see if my family gets to eat hamburgers this summer!

Another good resource is– you can search for local anything, pretty much!  There are local ranches and farms that will sell us lamb, chicken, and beef, but in such large quantities that we could never go through it all in a year with our current meals.  Maybe if I could find someone to split my portion with, then it would be a better fit for my family.

I buy my family’s eggs from a local gal I found through Craigslist.  She has a backyard flock, and sells the surplus eggs for $4.50 a dozen.  We use about 4 dozen a month- yes, they’re comparatively expensive, but they taste fantastic and are a cheaper source of protein than meat.

I teach piano, and one of my students also has a backyard flock- when the girls start laying again in the spring (they don’t have a heat lamp for them, so they took the winter off) we’ll trade eggs for lessons.  I’m excited about that!