End of March Seed Update

From just sprouting at the beginning of the month to cups by the end of the month. Things are trucking along!

Marigolds, calendula, and a few types of tomatoes are in their cups and growing in the greenhouse. I am still waiting on the pink cosmos, echinacea, peppers, and a few types of tomato to grow large enough to transplant. I threw out the yellow cosmos and the broccoli sprouts- they got too leggy and I didn’t want to fuss around with them. There are lots of things that do well for me, I don’t have time or space to spend on needy plants!





Harvest in August


Roma, cherry, and yellow pear tomatoes, a few figs, and a bowl’s worth of tomatillos. This is my first harvest of figs and tomatillos!

I need to test my garden soil, all but one raised bed is full of skimpy, stunted plants with small fruits. I would think it’s an issue with me, except the kids garden bed is lush and dark green with enormous plants. Same plants, water, fertilizer, and gardener!



First Tomatoes

Let this be my journal entry: first tomatoes of the year! I found 4 yellow pear tomatoes, 2 in the tomatillo bed, 2 in the garden wall tomato bed.

I will definitely be planting early again next year (May) and using water tepees again. I normally don’t get tomatoes in the ground till late June. Of course, this spring was unusually hot and dry. I’ve fertilized once (the leaves were turning yellow and the plants weren’t growing) and I’ve never fertilized before.

Tomato and Basil Planting

Today the tomatoes, basil, and tomatillos went into the garden. These tomatoes are Stupice, Ace, Gold Nugget, and Siletz. I fit 14 basil starts, in clumps of 2 & 3, around the edge of the box- basil and tomatoes are good companions for each other! This spot gets plenty of sunshine, so I hope to get good crops this year. The plants will be a bit squashed when they get bigger, but tomatoes like to grow that way. It’s still a bit cool for tomatoes- night are in the high 40’s and low 50’s, and tomatoes like nights over 55. But, they were getting big, and I am impatient!