Dried Peas

The peas dried on the vines this year- they weren’t as sweet as last spring. Today we yanked up all the vines and pulled off the dried pods.

Shelled, we ended up with half a quart of dried peas. A disgustingly small amount of fruit for two hours of labor (they clung tightly to the vines) but it’s more than we would have had if I’d just thrown it all in the compost pile. We will cook them like split peas or lentils, I am excited for that!

My sister was here to help out today- I don’t think she’s impressed with urban farming right now, when $3 would buy the same amount of split peas from the grocery store. But, the peas added nitrogen to the garden bed, the roots left behind air pockets and organic matter to enrich the soil, the kids learned to plant and wait and watch. So really, it was worth it because we garden for so many more reasons than the food.