You Can Grind Cinnamon in a Blender

I made an apple fritter cake today, and found I was out of cinnamon halfway through. Guess what? The vitamix turned cinnamon sticks to an amazing, fragrant, dark cinnamon. I’m kind of loving this- it has a bit of texture to it.


5 Responses

  1. It didn’t scratch the blender canister?? I’m sure it smells amazing!!

    • I chose skinny, flimsy cinnamon sticks :). I have some monster sticks from a Latino store that I didn’t dare try! It does smell amazing!

  2. Wow. good to know. I’m almost out of ground cinnamon.

  3. Anyone try adding whole cinnamon sticks to a smoothie? Thinking a vitamix could do quick work of it

    • You definitely could, but you would want to use just a sliver of a cinnamon stick, and your smoothie might start to heat up before the stick was completely ground. I found this left my jar cloudy though, so bought a cheap spice grinder for future use.

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